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Sunday, March 15, 2015

I Found You

Today 16/03/15 (3.00) I found's been a long way...since I found you...


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Urban Fashion (Nike photo shoot)

Hi are you guys.....still remember me ??????
I never absent for this long right...

I know....
maybe I am become a adult now....busy about adulthood classic problem....
there is so many thing happen and I don't know where to start .....(such a elegant excuse right....ahhahaha actually I am lazy ..just it....)

I will fight for this blog...
why? because this is something which can keep me true to myself....

ok first of all....
I will tell you what is happening on my life lately  :

1.I am a busy woman hahahhahah ....(I am a woman now almost 24 year ...can you believe that????) there is a time when I am just working, working and working....

2.I learn more about life... hahhahahahah

3.I leave my old job.....where I started it when I was 22 years old....(April 02, 2012 until March 20, 2014)

4.When I leave my job I learn so many things...I learn how  to let it go everything

5.Last but not least both of my boss offered me a job in their own each companies, and I start my new job at April 02, 2014 I am gonna show you my new photo shoot's urban fashion theme....

 photo Mrslonely_zpseb3123bd.jpg
urban fashion photo shoot (NIKE photo shoot )

Finally I am free...
what is a freedom mean for you ?
"for me freedom is doing what you love with people who respect you..."


note: I am not a smoker ok....that is fake cigarette  :)


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Chinese New Year 2014 Wallpaper (Year of the Horse)

Happy Chinese New Year ^v^ all...

 photo wallpaper_zpsc8f2cd95.jpg
Chinese New Year 2014 Wallpaper (Year of the Horse)