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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Celebrate Valentine Day

 photo valentine_zpsfe41d024.jpg

Hi strangers? How are you lately…,
I know I am rarely post my photo with my friends in here …, sorry guys I am so lazy lately….
but…now I got something for you…
This year me and my colleagues went to celebrate Valentine's Day together
I often take pictures with them, but it was the first time I post a picture of them on the blog
so I hope you guys like it . . . .

   photo 1-7_zps0bb668c7.jpg

we went to Havana Cafe
welcome guys ^v^

 photo 2-6_zps40e12f56.jpg

Love the design ....

 photo 3-5_zps7facfc91.jpg

 photo 4-5_zps0a8152e1.jpg

so classy right.....

 photo 5-6_zps3131ae8b.jpg

I love this romantic ^v^

 photo 6-6_zps4ce2d1e8.jpg


Havana cafe is rarely did a massive campaign so few people know of its existence 
Actually this is a pretty fun place, unique cafe decor and a very romantic spot 
valentine event in Havana arguably quite nice there is a live band that sings a love song so if you want to hang out with your friends … 
I am very recommended this place for you… 
see we take some picture in here…

    photo 8-4_zpsdb579cfb.jpg  photo 9-5_zpsce3f3bd4.jpg

 I straightened my hair for a while, what do you think? is suitable for me?

 photo 7-4_zps9b145b74.jpg

the menu is very confusing ...
when to order additional menu we had struggle for a moment staring at the menu's this menu are hard to understand hahahha

   photo 11-5_zpsdc2a22e6.jpg

 photo 12-5_zps90c7863f.jpg

unfortunately the food is less suitable to our taste we waited quite a while for the food menu so disappointing

 photo v1_zps98869a35.jpg

Let's take a picture while waiting the meal. . . . ^v^

 photo IMG_2189_zps35eadcd1.jpg   photo IMG_2192_zps6f7e4794.jpg  photo 10-5_zps5f9bec42.jpg

They are such a cute and nice friends….
really happy can have a wonderful valentine day with them . . .

 photo v1_zps98869a35.jpg

Ok we reach the end now….
I want to say something in here
“valentine day is a day to share a love with your special one… it can be your partner, your parent, your friend, it can be anyone… so please share your love now…”

   photo v2_zps4ffe9723.jpg

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