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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Daily Photos

Hi Strangers ?,

How is your Christmas?
I hope you have a wonderful one…. ^v^
I can't believe we already past a Christmas . . .
Time goes by too fast this year

Ok…let’s straight to the point,
This time I will share my daily photos for you,
since stopped playing Facebook for maybe about one year,
I've rarely photographed my daily activities, I am so lazy . . .
there are many activities that I had missed, but I save some photos just for you guys…
I hope you will like it…




This is some photos when I hang out with my friends,
really happy can hang out with them . . .  such a nice person
there's a couple photo I can't share it because a low quality


it's a unique experiences can celebrate a masquerade party with friends,
it's really a elegant party and there's a lots of fun that night . . .


Happy Birthday Mom . . . ,

Celebrate my Mom birthday,
really fun to make our mom happy..
we going to celebrate it together . . ., shopping and do all a Mother-Daughter stuff ^v^


Merry Christmas all,
this year is a fun Christmas
there was a Christmas event in my office
such as a gift exchange event,
I get a lovely gifts's a cute Japenese girl piggy-bank after the lottery many times these gifts still ended up in my hands, it was a happy coincidence...

we reach the end now....

I am very happy to share some things with you
I hope next year I will be more active in sharing photos with you all
bye all....
see you next post
btw I want to wish you a Happy New Years
I hope we have a very very happy year. . .

"I Believe when there's a will ....
there's a way....."



anak kecil said...

nice picture :)

Mrs.Lonely said...

Dear anak kecil,
thank you...happy that you like it...
you have such a nice blog ^v^

Best Regards,

anak kecil said...

what kind camare to you use ?

Mrs.Lonely said...

I used canon 1000D ^v^
I see you love photography too right ?
We have a same hobby here . . .

anak kecil said...

yes, but i don't have srl
i only with camera pocket :D hahhaha

Meilina Utomo said...

Wish you have Great Holidays and Happy New Year 2013 !


Mrs.Lonely said...

Dear Anak Kecil,
you already capture a nice photos...the result is more important\(^V^)/

Dear Meilina,
Thanks for your best wishes ,
I really appreciate it..
I hope you have a wonderful year
thanks again (>///<)

anak kecil said...

thank you *kisshug :D hahaha

Mrs.Lonely said...

Dear Anak kecil ,
Kiss and hug for you too ....